2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone
We had another great summer in the park with the arrival of new little animals and birds.

In April our soay sheep ‘Sarah’ gave birth to a lovely healthy little lamb named Susie.

The white cheeked touracos  hatched two chicks, this was a real treat for the park as we had got a new female for our male in the spring.

Our south American Rheas hatched two chicks and our Australian Emus hatch their chicks out in February.

We also welcomed a baby coati mundi.

All our little babies are doing very well and settled in well to the park.

New to our collection is Morgan a blue and gold macaw , she will be great company for our resident macaw Pepe.

In May and June we welcomed school tours to the park, all the children got the opportunity to  learn new facts about the animals and also got to handle a bunny and feed the lemurs!

In June we received our zoo licence from the Department of Arts Heritage and the Gaeltacht making us Killarney’s first and only zoo. We are extremely proud of this achievement .

The weather has been very mild during the winter months and all our exotic animal are enjoying the frost free days and nights.  They get a chance to use their outdoor enclosures a lot more.

Our monthly bring and buy poultry sales are still proving a huge success with numbers growing every month . People sell different types of poultry,  and the odd rabbit and goat could also make an appearance.

We would also just like congratulate Liz on the birth of her own little baby boy  in August. Jimmy  will be our next little helper in the park.

Looking forward to seeing everyone for the 2017 season.

2014 Newsletter

Hi every one!
What a great summer we had, the weather was great, the park was busy, we had many new arrivals, it really was all go!!
We welcomed our lovely little scopes owls to the park, these really are beautiful owls.
Another new animal to arrive was “Coco” the Llama, he settled in really well.
Lavender our goat had a lovely little female kid and we decided to call her “Blossom!” she spent her days lying in the summer sun and hopping on and off the rocks in their field.
Ozzie our kookaburra got a new companion called “Oti”, listening to them laughing together is a real treat for all our visitors, especially for the people who lived in or even visited Australia it really takes them right back!
Charlie our alexandrian parakeet hatched a lovely little chick who went from strength to strength and is doing really well.
Codie our coati mundi got a welcome extension to his enclosure, he now has the opportunity to climb up high in to the tree tops.
Our cheeky ring-tailed lemurs entertained our visitors this year as they were out running loose in the park under supervision during the day and nice and secure in their house and night.
We welcomed two new meerkats , these really are so sweet and can entertain for hours as they forage for bugs and grubs in the rotten timber logs which we provide for  them as environmental enrichment.
Our female black swan was delighted when we introduced her to “Sooty” a male black swan and we are hoping they will breed next year.
Our cereopsis goose hatched three chicks, we were really trilled with this as these are rare geese and its nice too see their numbers increasing.
We also got two belgium hares and these are really beauties and so fast!!
Bruno our micropig got a band new house, he loves snuggling into a fresh bed of straw!!
Our marmoset monkeys also got a new indoors enclosure incorporating a lot of natural light so its nice and bright!
Our water wheel is still turning and generating electricity for all our needs. Electricity is a big cost here in the park as many of our exotic animals require a heat source. The water wheel works off the Woodford river which naturally flows through the park.
The bad storm in February did a lot of damage in the park. It knocked down a number of trees many of these fell on some of our barrier fences. We had to work quickly to remove these trees but thankfully no animal or helper was injured, but it defiantly opened our eyes to the rage of mother nature and the destruction storm can leave in its path. The upside is that we wont be cold in future winters  with all these timber logs!!
Our conservation talks continued this year, we held two different talks on the conservation of the red squirrel, and we are hoping that people will inform us of any sightings of the red squirrel that they may see in their areas.

Our bring and buy poultry sales are still on going with a big attendance every month.
Please check out our Facebook page where new pictures of our animals are always being added!
Next year is an exciting year in the park as we will be holding our very first wedding ceremony, the very best of luck to Liz & Jack!!

2013 Newsletter

Coolwood saw another busy summer this year with visitors calling and new animals arriving. Bonnie our mother raccoon gave birth to two babies and they are doing really well. Our Emu hatched two babies also and they were so sweet and small when they hatched doing their best to keep up to mom and her long legs!!
We successfully reared  two baby lambs who needed to be bottle fed as mammy was unable to provide enough milk for them, this bottle feeding exercise turned out to be a great treat for the kids when it came to feeding time.
Sarah our soya sheep gave birth to her little lamb and we named him “Robbie” .
All our little hens were busy too, with lovely little chicks being hatched.
Our peahens also hatched chicks, even though it took us a while to find mother peahens lovely nest as they are really good at hiding their nests from the fox and other predators. Once the peahen emerges from the nest with her chicks we put them into a secure house where the chicks will grow until they are big enough to fly up onto a tree to get out of the way from predators including Mr. Fox.
Our chinchilla family also grew this year welcoming two new babies, we now have four in total.
Barry the barraband parrot joined Coolwood park after we received a phone call from a person who had found him in Tralee town and failed to find his owner, he is very friendly and fits right in! 
This year we said good bye to our little yellow bellied slider turtles. John Lavery in Listowel  kindly re-homed them, as he had one female turtle and wanted company for her. We are happy to report they have all settled in well.  Every month we get at least one phone call from people wanting to re-home their turtle when they realise how big they grow and also the big responsibility plus the cost that goes with caring for them. Please remember this if you are thinking of buying a turtle. Our blueberry tree supplied us with a lot of fruit again this year and the blueberry muffins that Liz baked were delicious!! We also made our own blackberry and gooseberry jam. Jen sneaked a few portions into the lemurs food as well and they enjoyed a special treat!
This year we welcomed a lot of school tours and each child got the opportunity to hold our baby rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and even got a chance to feed the lemurs!!
A school tour to Coolwood takes approximately two and a half hours and each child also gets a chance observe nature as we show them the different trees and flowers that grow in a natural woodland.
This year we held our first conservation talk which was entitled “ Introduction to Hydro Power” it was a great success despite the weather being so wet!!
Sean Buckley was the main speaker and introduced the parks working water wheel to the visitors and explained in detail how it worked and the benefits of hydro power.
We hope to continue these talks in 2014.
Our conservation project for the red squirrel is ongoing and we are happy to report that two young squirrels were spotted this year in Coolwood park.
Our Bring and Buy poultry sales, which are on the first Sunday of the month are still a huge success, attracting many visitors from all over the country, the odd goat also makes his appearance at the sales.
The Munster poultry show was another success and the results can be found on our website.
Again this year in October we have seen the brown trout swimming up our river to spawn. It really is a special sight to see these magnificent fish swim against the strong water and jump up the rocks to get to the spawning ground

2012 Newsletter
This spring the park saw the arrival of our two new baby raccoons. Their mother Bonnie is still very protective of them, but they are doing really well.
We also saw the arrival of two chinchillas, two chipmunks and two rhea, all are setting in well to their new homes.
Our most exciting arrival was our lovely little hand reared barn owl " Odie"- who is proving a big hit with all the kids and adults as they can get the opportunity of stoking him!
The prairie dog colony is as busy as ever, preparing for the summer- digging holes, hunting for food, communicating with the rest of the family, these little felleas would keep you entertained for hours!
A trip round the park can take over two hours, so bringing a picnic is advised as long as you dont mind sharing with our friendly peafowl, who will be more than happy to help you pick up your crumbs!
Best place for your picnic is sitting near our meerkats, who are very inquisitive and love to see whats on the menu.